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Japanese car import / export FAQ

Hi Visitor! Welcome to ePoi.Com, home of the Japanese car import / export FAQ.

On this site you will find useful information relating to buying and importing a new or used car from Japan. Looking for cheap japanese car insurance?

Our mission is to be the number one source on the web for information relating to the import / export process for new and used cars from Japan.

There are import and export information pages, plus links to Japanese Car Importers and Exporters, Japan Used Car Auctions and Auctioneers, plus Shipping Agents and Freight Forwarders who can handle your imported vehicle from Japan.

The Jargon page at epoi explains some of the unusual terms you may encounter in your search for that perfect Japanese used or new car import. Want to know more about the Grey Market or what FOB and CIF mean? Check out the JARGON page!

If you have a personal or business website, relating to Car Import and Export, Japan, or Japanese Cars, please LINK US!

There is a popular cheap japanese car insurance page which reviews companies that specialise in providing japanese car insurance for imports.

Latest news: I have updated the FAQ PAGE with information relating to the SVA / ESVA compliance test for the Vehicle Inspectorate. Be sure to bookmark ePoi.Com (Press Ctrl and D) or just add ePoi to your Internet Explorer favourites.

Latest news: I am currently importing a used car from Japan, and will have details and further information for the site soon. Be sure to bookmark ePoi.Com (Press Ctrl and D) or just add ePoi to your Internet Explorer favourites.

The Japanese Used Cars Import / Export FAQ

Make sure you check the Japanese Cars Import / Export FAQ PAGE. Here you will find most of the nitty gritty grey market information, and import / export information on the site, along with advice, hints, likely costs of an import from Japan and practical suggestions.

There are also pages listing Japanese Used Car Importers and Japanese Used Car Exporters.

Japanese Used Car Auctions

There is a new Japanese Used Car Auctions page, with listings of Japan Used Car Auctions and Auctioneers. Auction sites in Japan may require a deposit from you prior to bidding. See the page for more info.

Top choice car import / export and auction links!

Here are some of the best websites (in my opinion) that I've pulled out of the ePoi pages - check them out.

Japan Used Car Importer

AutoAdVan - AutoAdVan Japanese Car Importers - Import Specialists In Quality Japanese Vehicles. Handles the purchase, from finding a used car in Japan, to importing the vehicle from Japan, right through to roll off delivery in the UK. Also Japanese imported vehicles directly from Autoadvan stock.

From the ePoi Japanese Used Car Importers page.

Japan Used Car Exporter

Rama DBk Ltd - Exporters of Japanese Motor Vehicles. Categories include: Cars up to 1500 cc, Cars over 1500 cc, Sports Cars, Wagons, 4WDs and RV, Brand New, Clearance, Budget. There are also Commercial Vans, Buses and Trucks as well as Motorbikes available for export from Japan. The RamaDBK Ltd site aspires to be a one stop shop for commercial and non-commercial vehicle exported from Japan. There are usually several hundred vehicles available from stock, including 4WDs and RVs. The POPULAR web page at RamaDBk has a good selection of available Japanese Vehicle Exports with good descriptions and, importantly, FOB prices.

Note: Removed, no longer active. (Jan 2009) Asca Trading Japanese Used Car Exporters - Asca Trading Japanese Used Car Exporters - Japan second hand used car exporter. Stock range includes: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Isuzu and Others. Just click on the used Japan Car category from the main page to see the export stock list.

From the ePoi Japanese Used Car Exporters page.

Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents from Japan

YUWA Shipping Co Ltd - YUWA Shipping Co Ltd- YUWA Shipping Co Ltd operates a World Wide Shipping Service that includes, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Near and Far East, and the Mediterranean Sea Ports. YUWA Shipping specialises in the transport of new and used vehicles from Japan. YUWA also transports CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY, CONTAINER CARGO, BREAK BULK CARGO, HEAVY WEIGHT BREAK BULK CARGO, PLANT AND PROJECT CARGO.

YUWA Shipping Co Ltd also has SVA and eSVA Model Reports available for cars imported to the UK from Japan. There is a list of available Model Reports along with prices on the YUWA website. YUWA can also arrange SVA compliance and testing at the Port of Southampton, United Kingdom via YA Logstics Ltd.

From the ePoi Shipping and Freight Forwarders page.

Japanese Used Car Auctions

Provide Cars Japan Used Car Auctions - Provide Cars Japan Used Car Auctions - Provide Cars is a Japan based used vehicle exporter, that carries some used Japanese cars in stock. Offers a comprehensive auctions online service, which allows registered users to access auctions, auction history price searches and stock tracking. Provide Cars is a comprehensive and capable used car auction / export service based in Japan.

From the ePoi Japanese Car Auctions page.

SVA / ESVA Spare Parts Suppliers

Japarts Japanese Imported Cars Specialists Japarts Japanese Imported Cars Specialists - Japarts has a comprehensive parts sourcing and supply service in the United Kingdom. Japarts supply imported vehicle spare parts by post. They are based in North West London and part of the JEM group. There is an online form to request a quote for the import spares you need. Japanese and Korean car parts specialist.

Note: Removed, no longer active. (Jan 2009) NE Car Imports Japan - NE Car Imports Japan - NE Car Imports carries a stock of already imported Japanese Vehicles. The company also has access to thousands of vehicles available in Japan through a network of agents. NE-Car Imports also provides an SVA / ESVA preparation service on imported cars and sells a range of products to make Japanese Imported Vehicles compliant on British roads. Parts available include: FM Radio Band Expander/Frequency Converters, Fog Lights, Speedometer Facias and Speedo converters. The NE-Car Imports page also has a useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

From the ePoi Spare Parts Suppliers page.

Japan Useful Information

Japan facts, Japan map and the Japanese Flag.

Japan Facts and Figures

Did you know Japan's natural hazards include many dormant and some active volcanoes? That there are about 1,500 seismic occurrences (mostly tremors) in Japan every year? And that Japan frequently suffers from tsunamis and typhoons?

From the JAPAN FACTS page.

Japanese Map and Flag

Go here to see the FLAG of JAPAN, the Rising Sun.

Go here to see the MAP of JAPAN, showing major Japanese cities and Japanese ports.

United States Import / Export from Japan

USA Import / Export Information

The Import / Export FAQ Page should have useful information that will help purchasers looking to import a used Japanese Vehicle from Japan to the US.

Whilst researched and written from a UK perspective, hopefully the import / export information will be useful to anyone in the United States beginning to look into importing a Japanese car.

Clearly, US rules and regulations regarding Japanese Vehicle Imports will clearly be vastly different from those that apply in the UK, and USA buyers should read our disclaimer.

Grey Market Information

What is the Grey Market?

The "Grey Market" is a generic term that refers to the personal, or low volume business import of vehicles from outside the UK.

The "Grey Market" could refer to cars coming in from the EU, Japan, or any other country.

More information on the Grey Market page.

Grey Market Information

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