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Japanese Used Car Exporters

Exporters of Used Cars from Japan

Listed here are Japanese car exporters and garages in Japan that offer used cars for sale and will assist in the export process. Go to the IMPORTERS PAGE if you want to view companies that have already imported Japan used cars to the United Kingdom.

Prices are usually (but not always) quoted as FOB (Free on Board) and do not include the cost of shipping the vehicle and other costs in the country of import. See the JARGON PAGE if you need an explanation of terms found on these Japanese Exporters' web-sites.

See the FAQ PAGE for more information on typical import costs for a used Japanese car.

Japanese Car Exporters - Page 1

BestJapanCar.Com - Best Japan Car Japanese Car Exporters - Has selection of used and new direct Japanese imports. Stock list includes: TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, OTHER, coupe & sport, 4WD & RV, people mover, luxury & sedan, left hand drive. Shipping page gives details of charges to United Kingdom for various sized Japanese Car Imports. Terms of Trade are clearly explained. Prices are available with each car available for import. Listed prices are (yen) FOB ex Japan port. Best Japan Car has been exporting Japan domestic market (JDM) motor vehicles Since 1998. Best Japan Car Japanese Car Exporters has some good FAQ pages that explain the process of buying and shipping a car direct from Japan. The shipping FAQ page is particularly good, with photographic examples of shipping documents you are likely to encounter when you import your own Japanese car.

PicknBuy24 Japan Car Exporters - PicknBuy24 Japan Car Exporters - This Japanese Car exporters website is owned by AGASTA, Tokyo, Japan, established in 1997, and is one of Japan's leading JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) car exporters. Good quality used Japanese vehicles are shipped worldwide. Available cars include: sedan, 4wd, truck, coach, van, bus(20+seats), wagon, hatchback, sport. There is also a section for Japanese Cars under $1000 (approx. 500). There is a good "How to buy" FAQ that explains the process in clear steps for buying a car at auction direct from Japan. Includes hints and tips for understanding and interpretating the Japanese Car Auctions Vehicle Information Sheet.

Rama DBk Ltd - Exporters of Japanese Motor Vehicles. Categories include: Cars up to 1500 cc, Cars over 1500 cc, Sports Cars, Wagons, 4WDs and RV, Brand New, Clearance, Budget. There are also Commercial Vans, Buses and Trucks as well as Motorbikes available for export from Japan. The RamaDBK Ltd site aspires to be a one stop shop for commercial and non-commercial vehicle exported from Japan. There are usually several hundred vehicles available from stock, including 4WDs and RVs. The POPULAR web page at RamaDBk has a good selection of available Japanese Vehicle Exports with good descriptions and, importantly, FOB prices.

JPC Trade Used Japanese Car Exporter - JPC Trade offers a wide variety of Japanese used cars for direct export from Japan. Search facilities are offered to view Japanese cars at upcoming USS AUTO AUCTIONS and I-AUC AUCTIONS. The "How to Buy" page at JPCTRADE explains the buying process for cars bought direct from a Japanese car auction and there are clear examples and breakdowns of the costs involved. The daily auction schedule lists Japanese car auctions in (for example): Arai Oyama, Arai Fukuoka, CAA Chubu, HAA Osaka, JU Sapporo, JU Fukushima, JU Gunma, JU Kanagawa, JU Aichi, JU Hiroshima, JU Fukuoka, KCAA Fukuoka, LAA Kansai, NAA Nagoya, NAA Osaka, SAA Hamamatsu, TAA Touhoku, TAA Kanto, TAA Chubu, USS Tokyo, USS R-Tokyo, ZIP Osaka. Registration may be needed (FREE) to access all the features of the JPC Trade Used Japanese Car Exporters website.

TradeCarView Used Japan Car Network - Trade Car View bills itself as the "largest Used Japan Car export network on the planet." Trade Car View works as a hub connecting exporters and importers of Japanese used cars. Trade Car View currently lists on its website over 25,000 used Japanese cars plus other cateories of mechanical equipment including: Car, Truck, Bus, Machinery. Manufacturers of Japnese vehicles include: TOYOTA, ISUZU, NISSAN, HONDA, SUBARU, DAIHATSU, SUZUKI, and MITSUBISHI. Trade Car View also promotes a network of Japanese car export dealers in all areas of Japan. Countries exported to include: KENYA, UGANDA, IRELAND, ZAMBIA, TANZANIA, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

Best Trade Car - Best Trade Car is a Japan based company for exporting Japanese used cars to almost any country in the world. Best Trade export all types of used Japanese cars including 4 wheel drives and SUVs, performance and sports cars, commercial vehicles and family and saloon cars - and car parts and accessories. Best Trade deal with all the major makes of Japanese cars like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, and Daihatsu with a vast selection of car models, as well as foreign cars made for the Right Hand Drive and the Left Hand Drive market. Best Trade Car is a member of JUMVEA - the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association - which is the most reputable organization in the Japanese used car export industry and is accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Japanese Government. Best Trade have ofices / representative in the United Kingdom, United States of America (USA) and Russia.

Cheapies - CHEAPIES is a family operated business specializing in the export of quality used Japanese automobiles. Located in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, CHEAPIES is an independent company free from the restrictions and ties of franchised dealership. Has new and used Japanese cars for export.

Japan Partner Used Cars Exporter - Japan Partner Used Cars Exporter - Japan Partner Ltd. exports used cars, scooters, motorcycles and used auto parts worldwide. Specialises in both RHD cars (Right Hand Drive cars) and LHD (Left Hand Drive cars) cars. Also exports salvaged cars and car parts from Japan.

GrahamBerry2Co.Ltd - Japanese Car Exporters. - Usually carries a stock list of approxiamately 50 used Japan vehicles but also buys to order at Japanese auctions.

Note: Removed, no longer active. (Jan 2009) Asca Trading Japanese Used Car Exporters - Asca Trading Japanese Used Car Exporters - Japan second hand used car exporter. Stock range includes: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Isuzu and Others. Just click on the used Japan Car category from the main page to see the export stock list.

Used Car Japan - Used Car Japan - Exporter of Japanese used cars, trucks and dump trucks. Stock list includes, cars, vans, estate-cars and commercial vehicles. Website states engines and running gear is checked and mileages for all vehicles are guaranteed.

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Exporters of Used Cars from Japan

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